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A place to put random thoughts and news on upcomming events/anything I deem interesting.




I have updated a few galleries to include more of my work.

They can be found here:

Large Paper Cyanotypes

Canvas Cyanotypes

I am currently in the middle of applying to grad school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Also, check out Myspace for a short film that I made entitled Europe.




I am working on a new series of portraits which will be up as soon as I finish them.

Hopefully, I'll have some more images of cyanotypes up soon as well.

I opened a MySpace account:

Still no job.



Well the first major update is finished. New galleries are up. Tons of art to behold.

The "look" has also changed a bit, and I have plans to change the "look" in the future. Hold on to your undies.


May/may not have a show in Grand Rapids soon (in the comming months).


Music I'm listening to currently:

Coheed & Cambria: Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV Volume1: From Fear Through the Eyes Of Men

Dredg: Catch Without Arms

Deftones: B-sides and Rarities

Thrice: Vheissu

Various Interpol remixes


Still working on the . . . .

Virtual Exhibition cooming soon, it will be interactive, and stuff.


Still. . . .

Looking for a job, any takers?




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